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Medical Records Request 

Free Online Access to Most Medical Records 

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Create an online patient account for a safe and simple way to access information from your electronic health records (EHR). For privacy and security reasons, some medical records will not be available

Types of Medical Requests

Records for your Physician(s)

Your doctor’s office can be faxed records that you personally request at no charge to you. You must still submit the records authorization form, making sure to include the physician’s name, mailing address, phone number, and fax number.


A form must be completed for each physician to whom you need your medical records mailed or faxed.

Insurance, Attorney, and Disability Requests


Records Requests should be sent from your insurance company, attorney, or Disability Service and mailed to the address on the records authorization form. All charges for medical records will be billed to the requestor.

Radiology/Imaging Results or Other Department Requests

Please contact the Daytona Heart Group medical records department by calling the numbers listed below or by visiting any Daytona Heart Group office for any medical record needs.


Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and Edge Water

(386) 258-8722 P

(386) 258-9443 F



(386) 734-3654 P

(386) 873-6421 F


Orange City

(386) 774-5485 P

(386) 775-0761 F

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